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Royals Moonlight Resort ( A Unit of Royals Timeshare India Limited ) is customer-centric and instills a sophisticated service culture rooted in the quality sciences at all levels of the organisation. This enables us to consistently achieve business goals, improve profitability and reinforce our positive long-term relationships with travellers, guests and employees.

Royals Moonlight Resort is a multi-destination vacation concept & was founded with one vision in mind, to create a unique travel & lifestyle company with the very best quality in both its benefits and services to its Members

The company is in the business of owning, operating and managing hotels & resorts, providing club & vacation ownership services. It is recognised as a ‘full service provider’ in the hospitality and leisure space offering products and services to a cross section of society i.e. from the middle class segment to the high class segment, in addition to corporate customers and Frequent Individual Travelers (FIT). We are now an emerging player in hospitality and leisure business with properties at or near key business and leisure destinations.

Royals Moonlight Resort has invested into developing a true travel & lifestyle platform whereby members can experience exceptional value, service, plus a sense of community and a feeling of true “membership”. We have also dedicated time and energy in forming the correct partnerships with world-class vendors that can access exclusive resorts that are otherwise not available with other membership opportunities. As the Royals Moonlight Resort partnerships grow, so does the value and choices that will be offered to our members

We believe in the passionate pursuit of excellence and financial success with uncompromising honor and integrity. These values are the foundation of an environment of trust and mutual respect among travellers, hotel owners and employees.

Hotel statistics

20657 Guest Stay

Our Mission

Our Mission Our entire focus is on becoming the top travel company around the world and give travellers from all sections of the society a chance to enjoy exclusive, delightful vacations of their choice.